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Voices United for Change: Nurturing Families of Political Prisoners "The only photo of Wang Bingzhang leaked from prison. (Translated from Chinese)"Chinaspring, 28 August, 2022. 

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What exactly is a political prisoner?

Political prisoners are imprisoned because of activities that in some way respond to systemic repression and violations of human rights.


Political prisoners in the world

The average amount of time per sentence is

9.25 years

Our Story

As the founder, I have been personally affected by the loss of my grandfather when he was wrongly imprisoned for speaking for democracy in China. This happened over 2 decades ago when he was kidnapped from a visit to Vietnam and found himself imprisoned after that.  Even though my family has visited him and sometimes we get letters, I've never meet him before. My family started this foundation to spread awareness and knowledge of tragedies and we want to make sure people hear his story and prevent this for other activists all over the world.

Get to Know Us

This organization aims to teach and inspire people to strive for the freedom of political prisoners. Not only that, but we also donate to help struggling families whose loved ones have been taken from them for simply speaking for what they think is right. When you join this organization, you take a stand against the injustices of the countries of the world. All in all, we are working for a world where you can speak openly and to help families that have been affected.

Our Work




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